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FREE App Friday!

If you have any little ones around (kids, students, grandbabies...) you MUST check this out!  I just downloaded ALL of them because... well, they're FREE!

Check them out at Smart Apps for Kids

What's your favorite app for kids?


4 Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

1260.  That is the number of hours your child's teacher spends with your little one in a school year.  Each of these hours is filled with patience, knowledge and love.  Even if your kid is driving them up a wall, a good teacher still loves and cares for the kiddo as if he/she is her own.  Let one of the most important people in your child's life this year know how much you appreciate everything they do to make your little one successful.

Teacher appreciation gifts can fit ANY budget.  One of the best gifts a teacher can get is a heartfelt note from the parents of one of their kiddos.

Here's what we did for Chloe's teachers this year.

On Monday, Chloe took a bouquet of flowers for her teachers to enjoy throughout the week.
Hy-Vee bouquet of Lillies: $4.99
Vase from the collection under the sink: FREE
Thank you card from the junk drawer: FREE
*Tip for Fresh Flowers:  For fresher flowers longer, fill the vase 1/2 with water.  Add 1 capful of Hydrogen Peroxide to kill any bacteria in the water.  Add 1 teaspoon of sugar to "feed" the flower.

On Tuesday, we set a goodie bag for each teacher.
A large container of Hand Sanitizer: $1.00
Fingernail polish removed: $1.00
Fun summer color of finger nail polish: $1.00
Cute nail file: $.50
Traced and cut out preschooler hand with "You deserve a hand for all you do!": FREE
On Thursday, some chocolate bars and mixed candy for a sweet treat for each teacher. 
A glass candle holder: $1.00
Mixed candy: $2.00
On Friday, an Easy Mug Cake mix to enjoy for each teacher.
A tupperwear container with a tight lid: $.50
1 box of Angel Food cake mix: $1.50
1 box of Chocolate cake mix: $1.00
A note with instructions: FREE
*Add 3 tablespoons of cake mix and 2 tablespoons of water to a microwave safe mug/bowl for 1 minute.  Top with icing, powered sugar or whipped cream. 
*To make this totally adorable bow: How About Orange 

Total spent for a week of spoiling: $9.75 per teacher.  A measly price to pay for the gratitude we feel toward both of her preschool teachers. 

How do you show your little one's teachers how much they mean to your family?


Making the Switch to Wordpress

Please be patient with me as I make the switch from Blogger to Wordpress thanks to my talented and loving hubby.



Zipzicles - The Smartest Things Since Sliced Bread!

Have you been over to Tutus and Tea Parties website lately?  She has an awesome giveaway for the smartest invention since sliced bread!  
Zipzicles are these super cool (haha, it's a pun) zip top bags that you can use to make your own popcicles, or whatever you want!

For only $2.99, you can buy a package of 12, which is a good deal for providing your little ones (or yourself) a healthier alternative to store bought popcicles without the mess of melting or sticks!

Pop over and enter!
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