What a challenge!

I just completed an order for 2 shirts which I can bravely say were a ... challenge! 

I'm so happy with how both of these shirts turned out, but boy were there a lot of curves and turns with very little space! 

Take a look... 

See what I'm saying?! 

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Why By Nicole?

I've been getting quite a few... "but why 'By Nicole'?

For anyone who doesn't really know me, Nicole is my middle name.  I choose it because I've never been a HUGE fan of my first name mainly.
There's not much more to it than that... boring, I know.


I've been working on some new projects lately (each one accompanied by my 2 year old asking in an excited tone, "IS THIS MINE?").  At this rate, I will have to create double of each item to satisfy her as well... this could get expensive for me :-)

Here are a few new things I've done the last week or so.

Double layer initial $12.50

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I've been trying my hand at quite a few new things. Experimenting with different types of flower for hair clips.

Here is some of the new things I've made this week.

I've also been trying to get my "stuff" organized... which is mighty hard in a 3x4 area of space.

Here are some fabric choices for shirts or hair clip flowers.

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A constant list of cute ideas for shirts runs through my head. I think I'll get them down on 'paper' and rest easy I won't forget.

Stalk of corn (must be an Iowa thing)
College football initials
Christmas tree
Etc. Etc. Etc.

What would you like to see on a shirt?
Comment and win !!


Previous Work

I've been working on setting up my Facebook page to show off the goods (boy is facebook a lot more complicated than I ever gave it credit for).  
I have yet to figure out how people can search for me, how to set up a contact button on it, or a link to paypal (which can be done, or so I'm told). 

I'm also hoping people will start become fans of mine via Facebook.  I have a goal!  When I reach 30 fans, I will host a give away.  The winner will be allowed to choose between an initial tee (with their choice of fabric) or a set of hair clips (again, with their specifications). 
Which means, if your not a fan yet... you should be :-)   
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Here are some pictures of shirts that I've done in the past for my little one or as gifts for inspiration! 



Birthday Shirt

Nap time is my friend!  
(that is of course when the fighting and crying finally stops and a stubborn little girl finally passes out). 

I was able to get this sweet little birthday shirt done for a soon to be 1 year old too! 

I'm loving the zebra print!

Customer # 1

Thanks to a super great friend, I have created my first sale today!  This one is off to a super cute little girl who is Dallas Center Grimes most adorable cheerleader!

                                            GO MUSTANGS!


Opening up shop

Good Morning Star Shine(s), the Earth says "Hello..." 

I'm Nicole and I'm ready to put myself out there in the world and see what y'all think of my creativity and craftiness.... be gentle. 

Background on me: 
I am 26.  
I have a 2 year old who looks and acts and talk like she's 4. 
I am a newlywed for 2 months.
I have always loved crafting.
I am not a perfect sewer, but I'm getting better by the hour.
I feel bad when I get inspiration from others (is that cheating?).
I am a pleaser by nature. 
I try to be funny... but sometimes only in my head. 
I start projects in my house constantly and wish I had the time to finish them. 
I'm very happy to meet you! 

So yeah... 

I've created a few ways of viewing/purchasing my creations.  Facebook and Etsy.  I'm not sure how I will do at getting "customers" but I'm hoping someone, somewhere, will want to buy something I made.  
*Other than my daughter and neices whom I force to wear things for practice*

Take a look at my stuff.  I take custom orders for design and sizes too! 

And the Facebook button in the top right corner of the blog. 

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