Turkey Day is coming

I was asked to re-create a Pinterest find by a friend from work.
This is my version and I'm thinking Chloe needs one, too.

Leave some love if you like it, too!


Necklace Shirt

Hot off the rack!!

12m necklace onesie with pink flower available now.  Comment to claim!



Life has been busy.

Bed has been winning above all other the last couple of weeks... hoping desperately to correct that and get back to some fun creations. 

Here are some photos for a 3 year old birthday princess and a baby boy monkey set!  

Pink and Purple Tutu $18.99 
Monkey set $19.98

ISU shirt $12.99


Beautify Step #1

As you may have read here, I am looking to make my creative space more... friendly and accommodating.

I found some time lately to update my cheapo Target 3 drawer storage

After getting some inspiration from Pinterest (where else), I gathered some tools and got started. 
*BONUS   I had all the materials already so it was a very spontaneous creation (the best kind!)

Step 1:  (not pictured)
Cut paper for size of the drawer.  I used a Target Dollar Spot find so the paper I used for this project cost approximately $.10!

Step 2: 
Coat the inside of the drawer with mod podge 

Step 3: 
Lay paper down carefully, gently rubbing into place to avoid bubbles.  (obviously I had some bubbles)

Step 4: 
Allow the drawers to dry.  Be careful when checking to see if it's dry.  Mod podge easily leaks through wrapping paper and I accidently scraped a small piece off when testing. 

Step 5: 
Enjoy your new lovely! 

I can't wait for my next project! 



Creative Space - Before

Most (ok.. all) creations are made on my living room floor.  They only make it back to my sewing room for the last few minutes for the machine work.  Not only does it drive me crazy with the pulling everything out, working, putting everything back... it's killing the hubby!  (Maybe because I'm not super great at putting everything back every time [embarrassed face].

Let me tell you why...
This is my space

I'm sharing a space with a playhouse (separated only by a kid's fence to keep her sticky fingers off the owies)

Needless to say I'm sure.. I HATE IT!

Here's what I'm working on right now:
    *Painting a shelf to hang above my desk to hold nick nacks (buttons, ribbon, misc.)
    *Relining my cheap Target drawers seen here.
    *Organizing my desk drawers to hold things (I think all but 3 are empty... why?!)
    *Finding a more suiting chair for the space

I can't wait to show you how it looks when I'm done.. and maybe one day I'll be able to actually work in my work room!



Layout Changes

I've been messing around with my layout and colors of this blog trying to find a pleasing look.... I think I like it (for now anyway).

I'm more than glad blogger is user friendly(ish) and that the husband is computer genius(ish).  Together... it makes me happy!

I've been working on a few new orders, an Iowa State shirt that stole a piece of my heart ... so cute [squeak], and a few new hair bow ideas that can lead themselves to daughter and mother alike!

I also have been thinking a lot lately about an order I got for vacation shirts to Mexico for adults... quite a large order too.  A unique and witty idea still eludes me but I'm not giving up... maybe you have a suggestion?

Enjoy some new pics and talk soon!
Iowa State Logo $13.99

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