Overwhelmed... or maybe underwhelmed?

The last couple of weeks I've been down.  I want to blame it on the rainy, cold weather, but I don't even think that's it.  
I feel like one of those balloons that is only doing enough to just skim the carpet, but doesn't have the air to float.  Its even worse that I know I'm being like this.

I keep going through all of the excuses in my head, and reassuring myself that once this is over or once that happens, I'll go back to feeling normal... I know it's in my head... I know it won't go back until I make it happen.

Here's to pushing through

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  1. Don't worry it will pass. I went through the same thing as a stay at home mom. And the worse part was when dad came home he didn't want to talk when I just wanted adult conversation. I'm here for you!


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