Opening up shop

Good Morning Star Shine(s), the Earth says "Hello..." 

I'm Nicole and I'm ready to put myself out there in the world and see what y'all think of my creativity and craftiness.... be gentle. 

Background on me: 
I am 26.  
I have a 2 year old who looks and acts and talk like she's 4. 
I am a newlywed for 2 months.
I have always loved crafting.
I am not a perfect sewer, but I'm getting better by the hour.
I feel bad when I get inspiration from others (is that cheating?).
I am a pleaser by nature. 
I try to be funny... but sometimes only in my head. 
I start projects in my house constantly and wish I had the time to finish them. 
I'm very happy to meet you! 

So yeah... 

I've created a few ways of viewing/purchasing my creations.  Facebook and Etsy.  I'm not sure how I will do at getting "customers" but I'm hoping someone, somewhere, will want to buy something I made.  
*Other than my daughter and neices whom I force to wear things for practice*

Take a look at my stuff.  I take custom orders for design and sizes too! 

And the Facebook button in the top right corner of the blog. 


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