Previous Work

I've been working on setting up my Facebook page to show off the goods (boy is facebook a lot more complicated than I ever gave it credit for).  
I have yet to figure out how people can search for me, how to set up a contact button on it, or a link to paypal (which can be done, or so I'm told). 

I'm also hoping people will start become fans of mine via Facebook.  I have a goal!  When I reach 30 fans, I will host a give away.  The winner will be allowed to choose between an initial tee (with their choice of fabric) or a set of hair clips (again, with their specifications). 
Which means, if your not a fan yet... you should be :-)   
                                        Be My Facebook Fan!

Remember that Facebook button in the top right corner.. click it! 

Here are some pictures of shirts that I've done in the past for my little one or as gifts for inspiration! 


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