Liebster Award

I got a Valentine today and it looks like this:

I am honored to receive such award from Kansas Gal and am so excited to pass it on to others!

Have you heard of the Liebster Award?

For those of you who aren't familiar with the Liebster, it is awarded to new blogs with less than 200 followers. It’s a way to get the word out about great, up and coming blogs, I am honored to be selected by Leeane for the award! Thank you!

Award recipients keep the love going by following these steps in awarding to more new bloggers:
  1. Each awarded blogger posts 11 random facts about themselves
  2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you, then create 11 new questions for bloggers you pass the award to
  3. Choose 11 new bloggers (with less than 200 followers) and pass the award (and link) to them in your post.
  4. Go to their page and them them about the award
  5. No tag backs
Oh geez... 11 random facts?  Here are mine:
  • If I could (and by could I mean... justify the cost and time) take a skydiving course, I would in a heartbeat. 2 times is not enough!
  • My hidden talent involved a weird looking clam with my tongue.   I can also twist it upside down both ways. 
  • I bought the house I grew up in, which brings the total of years I've spent in this house to 20 years. 
  • The list of cons to living in Iowa is quite long, but I would never move.
  • I am harshest on myself 
  • When I create something and it doesn't work, I get upset - then pretend like it was supposed to be like that. 
  • I need to make more mommy friends.
  • I hate that I love reality TV
  • My hubby and I have known each other for 16 years, together for 8, married for 1 1/2.
  • The control freak inside me often tries to rear her ugly head, and I fight like crazy to let things go.
  • I think I'm a terrible writer, but I'm determined to become better through practice.
Kansas Gal had a few questions for me, and here they are:
Now for the fun part - Here are my nominees! 
  1. What is your favorite movie of all time? The Wedding Singer, without a doubt! 
  2. What are you most proud of and why? As I age, I am becoming more confident for standing up for myself and realize that it doesn't make me a bad person. 
  3. If you had a whole day without any commitments and could do anything, what would you do or how would you spend your day? Uhhh....probably absolutely nothing.  Lying around like vegetables sounds wonderfully boring. 
  4. If you could time travel, what time period would you visit and where? Having always been fascinated by the pyramids (along with the rest of the world, I know) I would certainly go back as they were finishing up construction to be in awe.  
  5. What is your favorite dessert? Ice cream, hands down. There's always room because it fills in the cracks. 
  6. Would you prefer to spend your spare time with people or by yourself? That varies on the day, but usually I would prefer to be around people I can laugh with and have fun.
  7. Why did you start blogging? Way back when, to help get the word out about my Etsy and Facebook shop - now, to have a record of what life is like as a stay-at-home-mom and crafter. 
  8. Did you make a new years resolution? If so, what was it and why? If not, why? Like, a hundred.  Here are some.
  9. How many blogs do you read regularly? In my blog feed I have 15 wonderful reads. 
  10. If you were to design a music festival with only five artists, who would you invite? Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Train, some DJ that my hubby loves so he wouldn't complain about going with me. 
  11. What is your favorite book and why? In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. It was a tragic story that is written so beautifully that you find yourself drawn to the murderers, just as Capote was himself. 
Now for the fun part - Here are my nominees! 

And my questions for them:

  1. How many brothers or sisters do you have?  Are you close?
  2. If money were no object, would you work at your same job?
  3. What is your favorite month of the year? 
  4. You can only eat 1 food for the entire week, what is it and why?
  5. Do you have a favorite blog(ger)? 
  6. What attracted you to that blog?
  7. Do you prefer fiction or nonfiction (book and TV)?
  8. What is your favorite trait about yourself?
  9. Were you a good student in school? 
  10. Are you a DIYer? What's your best project to date?
  11. If you could write a letter to yourself at 17, what would it say?

*I may have broken the rules [embarrassed face] - I don't have 11 blogs, and 1-2 of them may have over 200 followers.... but it's really hard to find good blogs out there that other people haven't found, too. So I'm sorry :-( 



  1. Nicole, I am touched and happily surprised. This is such a special treat and honor and I am flattered!

    Already this has been a great resource. I have looked up the other nominees and journeyed through your blog as well getting to know fellow bloggers I might not have come to discover. Great way to spread the word among readers and bloggers alike.

    Again, Thank You! I will soon do my part as instructed in your post (any tips or pointers are welcome).

    Your blog has a unique and sincere approach. Refreshing to read. Keep it up as I will over at Entropy Kitchen and I will definitely be back over here to visit.

    Nicole- Thank you for sharing your creativity with us.

    Graham Pearson

    1. Graham,
      Thanks for calling me out on that. I forgot about the questions for you! They're posted now. I can't wait to read your answers!


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