Beautify Step #1

As you may have read here, I am looking to make my creative space more... friendly and accommodating.

I found some time lately to update my cheapo Target 3 drawer storage

After getting some inspiration from Pinterest (where else), I gathered some tools and got started. 
*BONUS   I had all the materials already so it was a very spontaneous creation (the best kind!)

Step 1:  (not pictured)
Cut paper for size of the drawer.  I used a Target Dollar Spot find so the paper I used for this project cost approximately $.10!

Step 2: 
Coat the inside of the drawer with mod podge 

Step 3: 
Lay paper down carefully, gently rubbing into place to avoid bubbles.  (obviously I had some bubbles)

Step 4: 
Allow the drawers to dry.  Be careful when checking to see if it's dry.  Mod podge easily leaks through wrapping paper and I accidently scraped a small piece off when testing. 

Step 5: 
Enjoy your new lovely! 

I can't wait for my next project! 


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