Emergency Diaper "Kit"

As I mentioned before... I am expecting a little bundle in about 5 weeks!  One of my best friends is expecting a little girl in 6 weeks (eek!) While pursing Pinterest lately, I stumbled upon this adorable idea.  What a fun idea to make as a small gift for my friend... and who am I kidding, myself! 

Here is my tutorial, which may vary from the original idea because I didn't really read it so much as LOVE the picture and explore on my own. 

Begin by cutting the fabric to size.  I used a size 1 diaper, but I wanted bigger ones to fit so I cut the fabric large. 

Hem the tops of the fabric. Be sure to leave plenty of room to thread the ribbon through.  (I should know this, but I'm admitting that I don't... ) I used the 2nd and 3rd line guides on my machine.

3 pumps of the needle after the last picture, I ran out of bobbin thread - annoyingly refilling the bobbin
Pin the ugly sides together when you are done hemming the tops and sew.  I used the 1st line on my machine for this one.. I also decreased the space stitching to make for a tighter hold on the seams. 

Once you turn inside out, this is what you get.  You can stop here and thread the ribbon or...

Sew small diagonals across the bottom seams and cut for a more specialized look. 

My favorite tip for threading ribbon (or elastic) through a hem.  Secure a bobby pin a few inches down and push the bobby pin through the hem... super easy! 

Stuff full of any goodies you'd like in your emergency kit... I have a Ziploc snack bag of 3 wipes, a size 1 diaper, Sani-hands in case of contact and no sink and 1 extra shirt... because worse things have happened. 

Enjoy your beautiful Emergency Diaper Kit for your car, your spouse's car... or as a cuter alternative to carrying a diaper into the gas station's restroom. 

I hope you enjoy making this!  If you would rather just buy, I've added it to my Facebook shop By Nicole

Until next time... XO

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