Fabric Covered Art Tutorial

In an attempt to make my desk area look more welcoming, I wanted to create a larger bulletin board of sorts.  After shopping around at several stores, I realized how expensive large cork boards are and decided to try something different.

Our local Ben's Five and Dime (formally Ben Franklin) had Styrofoam boards on sale 2/$1.50 so that was my solution.
I glued the 2 boards together for a thicker look
I already had the fabric I wanted to cover the board with.  I picked it up on a clearance endcap at Target several months back because I loved the pattern, even though it was originally a body pillow case.
My board was wider than my fabric so I trimmed down the board with a box cutter - very similar to cutting Sheetrock
Start wrapping the fabric around the board and hot glue.. don't be afraid to use quite a bit, we don't want the fabric to become slouchy.
Wrap it like a present
I tried using the screw in hooks on this, but it made the board stick away from the wall more than I wanted so I opted to try to rig some pop-tops for the hanger.
And it's finished... I'm so happy to finally get it hung up on the wall above my desk.  I LoVe this fabric!

Best of luck!  XO

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