The creation of Mommy Time

As you may recall, it drives me NUTS when Chloe doesn't nap.  Over the summer, I had fantasies about how life would be after preschool started and Aria was born, with marvelous naps after lunch for both girls and a little bit of quiet alone time for me. (Dream on!)

Reality, for the first several weeks after Aria was born, I spent countless hours a week angry.  Angry because I could not control nap time as I had envisioned mainly (and really tired from all the colicky crying too).  I would fight with Chloe every single day about staying in bed.  I told her "I don't care if you sleep, but you have to stay in bed and stay quiet" and to no avail... she would win every single day and I would end up drained, completely. I couldn't do it anymore, I was losing my mind between the fighting and the crying. Thus the creation of Mommy Time.

I sat down with Chloe one afternoon, after I lost it yet again during one of our battles, and we worked out the details. You no longer have to stay in bed or your room but...

  • You cannot follow Mommy around while I do things
  • You must play quietly where ever you choose
  • You cannot help Mommy with any chores I'm working on
  • Mommy Time is not for talking or asking questions
Sounds a little rough on paper.. but it has been a life saver.  The fights stopped, I feel thousands of times less stressed during "nap time", Chloe is happy as a lark, and Aria sleeps better.  Typically Mommy Time involves Chloe cuddled on the couch with a movie of her choosing (Alvin and the Chipmucks everyday for 10 days... OMG) and me doing whatever I need or want.

*Bonus - if she's had a rough morning and hasn't been a good listener or kind, she knows that I can revoke Mommy Time and turn it back into Rest Time as I see fit - (much like today as she yells as me from her bed while I type this post).

What do you do during rest time to ensure some sanity?

Until next time... XO!

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