Leaving on a jet plane

Today is the big day.  Only a few hours left before I board the plane to 'Sunny Southern California'.  It's been almost 3 years since I've been out that way to visit and I'm super excited for some time away to relax.

The week's not over yet, but since I'm leaving home I was looking back at my goals from this last few days:
Goals for this week:
*Pack my suitcase for a sister visiting trip!!
*Grocery shop for Ed and C while I'm gone
*Make some freezer breakfasts that do not include oatmeal or yogurt for C
*Spend time outside everyday
*Do all the laundry before I leave Thursday

 Have I mentioned what a struggle keeping a clean house is when you're around all day, and even better.. you're 3 year old is around all day.  I'm hoping to come back to find it at least as clean as I'm leaving it today (but I know this is extremely wishful thinking)

Here is my favorite pic from the week - On Monday when I return, it will be Ed and I's 1st wedding anniversary!  I can't wait for him to open his present... something he's been asking for for a LOOONG time!


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