Summer is HERE!

Day 1-5 of a stay-at-home mom has been so much fun!  I can not believe the difference in our little girl's attitude just in 1 week of no daycare - it absolutely astonishes me!

We have done all sorts of things this week, including the Henry Doorly Zoo which was a blast!
As I review my goals, I feel pretty good...

Goals for this week:
*Get a morning routine started that does not include pajama's until lunch (how our typical weekends always end up, which isn't a terrible thing for the weekend I suppose)
*Spend time outside everyday
*Plan a menu for dinner everyday this week (not even 1 day :-( )
*End the week looking closer to this  (it was at least closer)

Here are a few favorite pictures from our week. 
After the zoo
Loving the park
Feeling fancy!
Relaxing in our new towel wrap after our bath... thinking about adding straps to her version to help it stay up.

If you would like to see how I made the towel wrap, send me an email and I'll put up the steps!


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