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It seems crazy that my little sweet Aria is almost 5 months old! She is doing so much better with the colic that it's almost as if we have a different baby than we did the first couple of months. (Anyone who has been through colic and lived to tell about it deserves a medal. And a ginormous banana split).

She is a momma's girl, which I still have conflicting emotions about.  I love that she wants me and cuddles me and it's so sweet... except when it's not.  There are times I wish I could hand her off to the hubby and have a restful break in the bathtub or laying down reading a book, but that is simply not how she works.  She will not cuddle him and he gets very impatient rather quickly - which leads to me feeling anxious listening to the ordeal escalate in the other room so I cut myself short and try to remedy the problem (which in all actuality is probably making it worse, long term).

I know the shpeel about how every baby is different and reaches milestones in their own time... which I completely agree with, except when I feel like it's my baby that's behind.  Every time I start worrying about her not developing as quickly as she should, she shows me up and does 5 new things in a day!  It kills me.

I swore she was never going to be able to pick her head up during tummy time because she hated it so much and I was really bad at enforcing time everyday to it. And the next day, she is suddenly a pro...
Notice the constant state of her beautiful head of head.... we have a cockatoo! 
Then there was the rolling over milestone from back to tummy.  She had little to no interest it this for the longest time and I had all but given up hope that she would ever do it.  And again... yesterday morning she had her first solo roll over and by last night...
She was so determined to take that alien guy with her... she eventually ripped the string holding it onto the hook and successfully took it with her! 

She is one amazing little girl! 

Until next time.  XO

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