Do you shopkick?

This is entirely my opinion of the application shopkick for Android and iPhone users.  I am not sponsoring shopkick in any way. 

This is something my hubby bugged me about installing on my Android about 2 years ago... I didn't understand it and kept ignoring his request because of laziness to look into what it was exactly.

Fast forward... after upgrading to the iPhone, I gave in and downloaded the app at his umpteenth request and LOVE IT!  I can use it at stores I already go to (hello Target!)

The basic idea...

  • you get "kicks" (points) everytime you walk into specific stores - Target, Old Navy, Best Buy, Macy's, American Eagle, Aerie.  That's ALL you have to do, walk in and open the app.  
  • you get "kicks" by scanning through the... I guess their technically ads.  Look for the blue star and receive your kick.  You can also unlock more kicks for your walk-ins by doing this.  
  • you get "kicks" by scanning specific items in store using your camera (these kicks are usually worth 25-100)
  • save up your "kicks" for gift cards to all kinds of different stores (Target, Starbucks, Coach, iTunes, etc)... I currently have enough kicks to "buy" a $20 Target gift card, but I'm saving up for a GoPro camera from Best Buy.  

Here's how you get it:

Click on the link: http://get.shopkick.com/magpie6684
Register online
Download the app
Shop as usual and use your app.

Do you love shopkick?


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