Working Out

If you remember my breakdown of not fitting into my clothes 10 weeks after giving birth (catch up here) I bucked up my attitude and hit the gym.  (My gym looks a lot like my living room with a Wii controller in my hand and Jillian Michaels yelling at me via Biggest Loser).  I started keeping track of everything I put in my mouth via MyNetDiary's iPhone app.  And drum roll please....

I lost 46 pounds from August 31st - December 18th!  AND MY JEANS FIT!! 

Since then... we've been through the holidays and a nasty cold for both myself and C.  I hate that I have to confess I am back up 5-6 pounds on the average day and I haven't even turned the Wii on for 2.5 weeks.  While watching The Biggest Loser today on DVR, I have given myself a challenge that I will continue to add to each week throughout this season. 

This week's challenge - begin entering all of my food and drinks into MyNetDiary again.  When I began doing this in November, it wasn't in an attempt to cut calories but in an attempt to recognize how many things I was nibbling on throughout the day that I wasn't thinking about or aware of even.  It was surprising how many times I opted out of eating the cookie I really wanted because I didn't want to see the number of calories added to my daily total - I hope it was have the same effect this time around! 

Anyone out there want to join me in my challenge? 

Until next time... XO! 

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