Hair Bow Frame Tutorial

Before I begin this tutorial, let me strongly suggest NOT purchasing a shadow box via Goodwill. I was trying to be green in an attempt to upcycle something from the local donation shop (not to mention save some bucks) and thoroughly regretted my decision.

Here is my brilliant idea for a frame.  In retrospect, I would go with a regular picture frame for pure ease. 
U to the G to the L to the Y
I knew this going from the moment I picked it up in the store, but I thought... what's a little hot glue, I can get that off with a utility knife, no problem.
Why yes, I am boring a hole into the back like a mouse... it was the ONLY WAY
Once I succeed getting into the frame, I pried the rest of the back up and it went much easier... until I saw the inside
MORE HOT GLUE?!?  Who put this picture together?  The inventor and tester of hot glue?!

More prying, cussing, and finally some broken glass... we were in business to begin with the tutorial. 
Little cuts keep appearing on my hands, I guess I wasn't as careful as I should have been
And now, it gets simple... 
Decide on some ribbon that you'd like to use, cut and glue into place.  I contemplated running the ribbons horizontally but am very happy with the vertical look.  
It's that easy! Just add bows, clips, headbands... whatever you have laying around getting lost.  With 2 girlys, this is a necessity! 
If you give this project a try, I'd love it see it!  Tweet me or shoot me an e-mail :-) 

Until next time... XO

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