I Pinned This - Remove Scratches from Leather

As a preface, leather furniture is not really my taste. We have a set of brown leather furniture from the in-laws that the hubby was so excited about when they offered. So excited that I lost the fight about keeping the furniture we already had. Pick your battles I suppose. 

The couches are in pretty good shape, and when we have kids bouncing around, we don't need perfect couches.  The in-laws had a couple of dogs though so there are a few scratches here and there that have never really bothered me, but when I saw this pin I thought "What the heck". 
Here's what Pinterest promises: 
I used a soft cloth to rub the olive oil into the leather in circles.  I think the key is really rubbing it in.  I followed up with a paper towel and buffed it off a bit (mash-upchic.blogspot.com)

Here's what I did:
I busted out the olive oil, an old sock and a Viva paper towel.  I also chose a spot that would not affect the look (or feel if it stayed oily) if this pin didn't work.
The before picture - it's not too bad, but you can see small scratches. 
I rubbed a small amount of olive oil, in circles, onto the cushion.  There was a slight oily feeling when I was done, so I rubbed the paper towel over it and was surprised to find that there was no residue left. 
It looked great as soon as I was finished! I rubbed over it with my finger to check for extra oil and nothing! 

I waited about 5 minutes and checked again... not as great, the scratches are starting to show again.
And 10 minutes later.  Almost completely back. 

Eh, no harm no foul.  I'm just glad I didn't rub this all over the couch and waste our perfectly good olive oil. 


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