Monday Favorites

My faves for the week are things that I use daily.  Maybe you already use them, too. 
I picked up my first BB cream last year when it was really starting to hit the market.  My favorite so far is Garnier BB Cream.  You can read about the 5 instant results here.  What I love about it is the extra layer of moisture (for my crazy dry skin) and the sheer coverage it gives.  It is not meant to be used to hide that monster zit you may get from time to time, but for an everyday product it's fast and easy! 
My first Burt's Bees experience was a gift from a student during Teacher Appreciation Week a few years ago. It has a thick, creamy feel that is not greasy.  I have the lavender lotion, too, but my favorite is the milk and honey.  
I downloaded this app on my iPhone last week after seeing it on The Today Show.  It's a grocery list that categories the items you need and offers coupons that are related.  What's better than a grocery list that offers you coupons with having to research for them?!

What's your favorite thing this week? 

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