I Pinned This - Doll Detangler

I know I'm not alone in this... you're perusing Pinterest and something catches your eye (ha, that's funny - 2392 things catch your eye).  "Hmmm... I wonder if that really works" crosses your mind, almost out loud, and onto a board it goes.  Maybe never to be seen again, who are we kidding.

As I try things from Pinterest, I am going to let you know if they turned out as promised by the description or comments left by others or if it was a - bum bum bubum - epic failure.

Does this look familiar? If you have any daughters, you've run across this post and asked "How'd they get a picture of our doll?!"
This isn't our Repunzal, but it looks EXACTLY the same... shouldn't her magical hair not tangle?
Here's what Pinterest promises:
Detangle doll hair! Go to beauty supply shop and got a wig brush. It has metal bristles with no little knobs on the ends. Supposed to glide through the hair with ease and no static that a plastic brush would cause. Also ran across several sites that made a solution of about 2 TBSP of fabric softener and the rest water - put this is a little travel spray bottle    (Cookie & Claire)

Here's what I did: 
Combined 2 tbsp of Downy and water in a large spray bottle - large is the only size we had around that house that was empty was I filled it about 1/4 of the way with water.  Shake Shake Shake. Spray on Repunzal as you do with detangling spray on your own daughter and let sit for a minute or two.  Instead of a wig brush (mostly because the closest beauty supply store is 55 min away) I used the plastic brush that came with her.  Patience and lots of spraying later: 
To ensure that my work wouldn't be undone in a matter of minutes, I braided up her hair and secured with a elastic hair tie. 
Tip: To learn the 5 strand braid, here is an awesome tutorial! How to: Five (5) Strand Braid by LuxyHair



  1. Thanks for the tip! We have some dolls that are needing help, too.

  2. I'll definitely be using this! We have a few Rapunzel dolls that have a rat's nest going on. And that braid is pretty impressive!!

    1. Thanks! I owe it all to the "over, under, over under" mantra from the YouTube clip!


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