The Internet is a Scary World

While killing some time online tonight, I was checking out my blogger stats (page views, post views, referring URLs...) and to my shock, I had a referring URL from an unbelievable site.


"How?!?" as I click on the link excitedly, thinking it's way too strange, but still secretly hoping its true because who doesn't love them some Louis Vuitton.

This is a screenshot from the site!

See it?  Free "Shopping" over $60.  Whomp whomp... 
I told my husband what a sad thing it is that people create fraudulent websites and being the computer geek that he is, he immediately jumped on his phone.  3 minutes later...
I now know who is responsible for such a horrible act on unassuming people looking for a good deal on a Louis Vuitton. 

And it hit me, the internet is a scary world.  With the click of a few keys and 3 minutes, you can gave your credit card information to Shirley Sanchez159, or find out everything about that "her" and "her" other websites meant to steal your hard earned dollars. 

Tip for browsing safely:
If it's not from the original domain (louisvuitton.com), it's not affiliated with the real store.  They won't buy a new domain for a sale (or any of reason) because it's a wasted effort on their part to not have it connect to their other products.

Safe purchases!

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