Stained Clothes and Smelly Towels

Laundry is not something I hate doing. I don't mind washing, drying isn't so bad and as long as I can watch something (or listen) good on TV, I will fold and fold. What I do hate... putting clothes away! If I could, I would leave the nicely folded clothes stacked in organized piles all over the living room floor. (And sometimes I do for hours.) I know I'm not alone, right?!

One part about laundry I really enjoy is the thrill of getting a stain out of something that you know is a stubborn one. The cleaning aisle at the store is one of my favorite to browse and see what's out there, and over the years, I've tried A LOT of stain removers that didn't really do anything that detergent alone wouldn't do. Since having kids, I have been on a mission to make the clothes last as long as they can (mostly because Chloe and Aria don't grow out of a size for what seems like forever - my 5 month old is still wearing 0-3 month stuff for example). After searching and scouring the interwebs, I may have found the mother of all stain removers...
1 part Dawn dish soap
2 parts Hydrogen Peroxide.
(And if its a old stain, like your husbands yellow arm pit stains, add a dash of baking soda)

I usually mix it up in a little dip cup, pour onto the stain and scrub with an old toothbrush for about 3 seconds then toss it in the washer!
Strawberry stain on white shirt, gone!
Mud, gone!
Bottoms of socks that have ran through the yard, not gone... But much whiter!
After a crazy day at daycare in the sandbox and yard on a sweaty day... yuck! 
Not perfectly white, but a VAST improvement! 
This recipe has even been used on our carpet when someone, ahem Chloe, attempted to secretly color on the carpet. (And maybe that time I spilt hot pink nail polish all over the floor - but I tried this after lots of other attempts)

Something else that happens on a regular basis is our laundry room: Vinegar! If your towels smell after being used a time or two, throw 1/2 to 1 cup of vinegar in with your regular detergent and fabric softener and wash as usual.  The difference is unbelievable! I do this with every load of towels I do and never notice a smell anymore.

What laundry tips or tricks do you have?


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