I Pinned This - Letter to Disney Princess

We have a big princess fanatic in our house. Sometimes I stop to question how this happened and the only answer is: it must be an inherent princess trait. Chloe was born loving princesses and had many of the old Disney classics memorized after 1-2 times watching (which made me look like that mom that lets her kids watch hours of TV but she really just absorbed and remembered every word!)

When I saw this pin, I knew it was something we HAD to try! (And I was very much expecting it to be a myth and wait for months for no response.
Here's what Pinterest promises:
if you write a letter to a character at disney (walt disney world communications p.o. box 10040 lake buena vista, fl 32830-0040), they will send you an autographed photo back! Could be a fun project for teaching how to write a letter! gonna do this with my kids :) (couponingtodisney.com)

Here's what I did:
Without much promise for a response, I made a fun game out of writing a letter to a Princess. She picked Repunzal and away we wrote about our love of Tangled and Eugene. (It goes so far that one of us is Eugene or Repunzal at any given time of the day and we recently had a huge meltdown before our last hair appointment because her hair would turn brown.)
Anywho.. And then we waited.

Guess what showed up in the mail about 3 weeks later!!

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